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Common causes of bridge bearing defects

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The causes of bridge bearings appearing disease are mainly as follows.

(1) the bearing itself is a substandard product, low strength, insufficient bearing capacity.

(2) Design: Insufficient understanding of the performance of the bearing, the size of the bearing required for the design is usually not calculated, so that the designed bearing is prematurely damaged due to insufficient compression and shear resistance, etc., the bridge bearing selection form and arrangement is unreasonable, the edge of the bearing is not wide enough, the concrete grade of the bearing pad is low or the pad reinforcement is insufficient, the strength of the bolts and nuts for fixing is not enough, etc., when the longitudinal slope of the beam is large. When the beam has a large longitudinal slope, the bearing adjustment measures are not appropriate, so that the bearing and the beam can not be close together, the force is not appropriate and cause damage.

(3) Construction: Insufficient understanding of the importance of bridge bearing, not enough attention, no technical measures and quality control means to prevent the bearing from being dislodged in the lifting process, poor control of the construction process, the bearing pad stone, the top surface of the beam is not flat or the top surface of the pad stone is not the water plane when installing the bearing, the bearing is not accurately positioned, the connection between the pad stone and the bearing is not firm, the quality of anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment of the metal bearing is not high, when the beam has longitudinal slope, when the beam has a longitudinal slope, the bearing can not be close to the beam body, and the force is improperly damaged. not high, when the beam body has longitudinal and transverse slope, the bearing upper bearing surface (beam bottom slope adjustment wedge) is not ideal, so that the bearing appears bias pressure, initial shear deformation and other phenomena.

(5) due to the bridge pier, platform uneven settlement, tilt and horizontal displacement of the upper structure, the upper structure vibration displacement, etc. directly affect the normal use of the bridge bearing; (6) the vehicle overload, the actual bearing or water corrosion, accelerate the aging process; (7) the bridge bearing, the bridge bearing, the bridge bearing, the bridge bearing, the bridge bearing, the bridge bearing, the bridge bearing, the bridge bearing, the bridge bearing, the bridge bearing.

(6) vehicle overload, the actual load exceeds the design load, so that the bearing produces irrecoverable deformation damage.





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