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Common diseases of bridge bearings

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1. Bearing model with the wrong

Bearing model with the wrong common for: bearing size model confusion, round and rectangular bearing confusion use, rectangular bearing length direction put wrong.

2. Bearing offset

Bearing deviation is the most common problem on the installation of bearings, divided into longitudinal deviation and transverse deviation, serious bearing deviation will cause uneven bearing force, the beam body is subject to excessive additional internal force and other diseases.

3. Bearing damage, cracking

Bearing breakage, cracking disease such as bridge using linoleum rupture, extrusion off, rubber plate easy position; rubber plate bearing rubber aging, deterioration, the beam lost free expansion capacity, directly leading to the end of the beam or pier, abutment cap concrete rupture, resulting in corner drop, gnawing edge phenomenon, serious lead to expansion joint breakage; basin type rubber bearing fixed place loose, misalignment, steel basin exposed part rust, dust cover rupture.

4. Bearing hollowing out

Bearing hollow out is currently one of the most common and serious quality problems of bearing installation. A single bearing hollow will cause the other bearing force is too large, affecting the durability of the bearing. In addition, it may make the upper structure uneven force, structural stability, safety caused by the impact.

5. Bearing deformation is too large

Bearing deformation refers to compression deformation and shear deformation, bearing compression deformation is too large into two kinds: bearing local deformation becomes large, that is, bearing bias, and then cause bearing damage; bearing overall vertical deformation is too large, may produce extremely unfavorable additional internal force to the continuous beam and other superstructure, or displacement beyond the design control range, resulting in structural damage; bearing shear deformation is larger, the worse the durability, thus reducing the bearing The greater the shear deformation of the bearing, the worse the durability, thus reducing the service life of the bearing.

6. Other diseases

(1) plate rubber bearing side unevenness; (2) teflon slide plate bearing dirty, aging, teflon plate and rubber layer separation makes the surface sliding coefficient does not meet the requirements and produce much shear deformation, intensify the damage to the bearing rubber layer, reduce the bearing service life, in addition to increase the restraint of the beam body, the structure bearing adverse effects; (3) basin type rubber bearing and the mat plate is not flat and close; (4) bearing mat stone is not flat and close (4) Bearing pad stone unevenness, cracking, peeling, broken and other diseases.





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