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How to repair the support?

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Bearing such as the following defects or failures can not work properly, should be promptly repaired or replaced:

(1) support seat plate buckling, deformation, fracture should be replaced, weld cracking should be repaired.

(2) plate rubber bearing appears off the air or uneven compression deformation should be adjusted.

(3) plate rubber bearing occurs excessive shear deformation, the middle steel plate exposed, rubber cracking, aging should be replaced in a timely manner.

(4) linoleum bedding bearing loss of function, should be replaced in a timely manner; (5) bearing bedding stone broken.

(5) bearing pad stone broken should be timely repair, and make its strength to meet the design requirements.

Adjustment, replacement plate rubber bearing, steel plate bearing, linoleum bedding bearing can be used as follows: in the bearing next to the bottom of the beam or end partition set jack, the beam (plate) appropriate jacking, so that the bearing off the air is not under pressure, and then adjusted or replaced. After adjustment or new bearing in place, drop the beam (plate) to the use position.

Need to lift the bearing, according to the size of the lift can choose the following methods.

(1) pad into the steel plate (within 50mm) or cast steel plate (50-100mm).

(2) in situ pouring reinforced concrete bearing pad stone, pad stone height according to the need to set, generally should be greater than 100mm.

Bridge bearing is the main role of the bridge span structure on the constant load and live load reaction force transfer to the bridge piers, while it can ensure that the bridge span structure required displacement and rotation, so that the actual force of the structure can match the design of the calculation formula, so to ensure the normal use and integrity of the bearing is a very important work, must strengthen the bridge bearing maintenance and repair work, to avoid the bridge Therefore, it is very important to ensure the normal use and integrity of the bridge bearings.





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