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PTFE and filled product

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A, generic materials

Various rods, tubes, plate membrane, band, rope, packing, gaskets.

Second, the preservative

(1) pipe and fittings: Pure PTFE tube; PTFE liner; wrapped around outside, glass steel pipe; steel composite flange;

(2)Chemical containers lined: PTFE-lined autoclave; PTFE-lined tank; PTFE lined tower;

(3) heat exchanger;

(4)Corrugated extension tube;

(5) main components of the valves and pumps;

(6)Wire reinforced full-pressure hose;

(7 )filter material.

PTFE membrane after a large number of pores in the vertical and horizontal two-way stretch, is a new material, it would be with other fabric compound, can be made of the dust solid-phase corrosion filter bags or good waterproof, breathable, wind was warm rain gear movement clothes, winter clothes, special protective clothing and portable tent, pharmaceutical air compressed air, sterile filtration and the electronics industry in a variety of solvents, high purity gas filter.

Three, sealed classes

((1) static sealing: laminated shims; ride the strip; elastic sealing tape;

Dynamic seal (in preparation packing ring seals): V-type sealing body - for shafts, piston rods, valve; turbo pump seals; composite of PTFE and rubber sealing ring; with bellows scalable mechanical seal.

Four, for load class

(1)Filled PTFE bearings, used in food, chemical paper, textile machinery;

(2)porous copper impregnated fluorine plastics metal bearings, high temperature and pressure dry friction vacuum conditions normal use;

(3)PTFE fiber bearing PTFE fiber and composite fabrics made of fiberglass or other fiber blends bearing liner for low-speed high-load;

(4 )filled PTFE piston ring, guide ring, the Machine Tool and bridges slider;

 Five,Insulation class:

(1) C-class wire and cable insulating materials;

(2) pairs of water Cooled Turbine Generator stator and rotor water pipes and the thermocouple sheath;

(3) high frequency, UHF communications equipment and radar microwave insulating material;

(4 )printed circuit boards and motors, transformers (transformers containing gas) insulating materials;

Air conditioning, electric stove, heater and SF6 circuit breakers, insulation materials;

Six sticking classes:

(1)A PTFE glass cloth. Sizing machine on the hot roll coating - can avoid the formation of chemical pulp the sticky roll phenomenon, greatly enhance the production rate and the fabric quality;

(2) microwave drying conveyor belt for the food industry - compared to other materials, conveyor belt does not absorb microwave energy, non-stick material consequent advantages of energy-saving, clean;

(3) heat sealed polyethylene bags in the sets of anti-sticking materials;

Anti-sticking coating - used in the kitchen with pots, pan of baked bread, frozen food storage tray, iron backing, copiers folder roller;

Seven, temperature class:

(1)A microwave drive gear, such as the coupling of the microwave oven, roller;

(2) a variety of refrigerator, air conditioning, oxygen generator, compressor temperature accessories;

Eight other categories:

Alternative. Human artery, vein, heart membrane;

Endoscope, forceps catheter, the trachea;

Other tubes, bottles, cloth and other medical equipment.





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