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PTFE - is the coating of non-stick pans toxic?

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In order to cooking convenience, many families have used the "non-stick pan", but not always clear what layer of material is coated in the pan. In fact, this layer of material is known as "plastic king" of polytetrafluoroethylene. Polytetrafluoroethylene has many advantages that ordinary plastics can not be compared. The introduction of "non-stick pan" to bring great convenience to people's lives, people no longer have to worry about cooking meat accidentally will be burnt, frying fish when the fish fillets stick to the walls of the pan. This non-stick pan and the appearance of ordinary pots and pans have nothing to do with the inner surface of the pan is only coated with a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene, then the non-stick coating is toxic? Is it harmful to the human body? Here Wuxi Xiangjian for you to speak in detail, I hope it will help you!

  Teflon rod coated non-stick coating in a certain premise is toxic, so in the use of non-stick pans to comply with the use of safety precautions.

1. Non-stick pans coated with Teflon rods cannot produce acidic food. PTFE rod bond strength is not high, acidic food is easy to make the metal body eroded, once eroded coating will expand and crack, resulting in large areas of the coating off. Eggs, meat, rice, these foods are acidic foods.

  2, in the use of non-stick pans try not to use a shovel, shovel easily destroy the PTFE rod coated in non-stick coating, toxic coatings into the dish, a threat to human health.

  3, non-stick pans to be used below 250 degrees Celsius, the state mandatory delineation, PTFE rod as raw material coated on the metal surface through high temperature sintering, the use of temperature to be below 250 degrees Celsius.

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